· Do prices include VAT?

Yes. All prices include VAT that is duly displayed separately when you make a purchase.

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· What currency is used on the web page?

All prices are shown in Euros (€).

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· How do I place an order?

Placing an order is really simple.


1. Look around the shop until you find a product you like.

2. Choose your size and the quantity required and add it to your shopping basket using the “BUY” button. Once that is done you can continue shopping and add more products to your basket or you can go directly to the option that allows you to place your order.

3. Go to your shopping basket start the payment process.

4. In order to pay you need to follow some simple steps:


a) Log-in (if you are already registered) or register yourself if aren’t already (you need only introduce an e-mail address and password).


b) Let us know the address where you would like your order to be sent.


c) Choose a shipping option.


d) Make your payment via Paypal (within Paypal you may also pay using your credit card).


Remember that the availability of your chosen product can only be guaranteed at the moment you add it to your shopping basket. If you decide to buy it at a later date then the product may well sell out whilst it is awaiting purchase in your shopping basket.

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· What should I do if I’ve forgotten my password?

When you go to log-in you will see that there is a button saying I forgot my password. If you click on this button you will have to introduce your e-mail address. You will then be sent an e-mail with a link via which you will be able to introduce a new password.

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· For those orders placed outside the EU, how is the currency converted?

All prices are in Euros. When the final cost of your order is transferred onto your card, your credit card company will then convert the total cost into the currency of your particular country, calculated using the rate of exchange stipulated on the date the order is processed.

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· How can I make changes to the products I have in my shopping basket?

If you only wish to alter the quantity, it’s really easy. Type in the new quantity in the field “qty. (quantity)” and then click on the update button for the alteration to become effective.


If you would like to remove a product, simply click on the button “remove” and it will be immediately deleted from your basket.


If you would like to change one particular attribute of a product (size, colour etc), click on the product in question and this will direct you to more detailed information about this product. Simply select the new attributes that you would like and then click on the button “buy”. Go back to your basket and you will see that you have the same product twice, but with different attributes. Now delete the product that you don’t want.

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· Is the web page secure?

All information that you provide to Kinkiking is protected. It will be used only for those purposes as described on the web page and will never be handed to third parties. Our servers secure your personal information via encrypting techniques which will be updated as and when required.


To provide maximum protection to our clients, the payment system we use is Paypal, the most secure and effective means of securing your data. At the same time, this ensures that kinkiking does not, at any moment, store information relating to our clients’ credit card details.


At the moment of payment, in the bottom right hand corner of the browser window you will see that a padlock appears. If the padlock is locked, you have nothing to worry about; your information is strictly secure. Simultaneously, you will see that the web address changes from http to https, the signifying that your information is being submitted securely.

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