Who is behind Kinkiking?


What's Kinkiking?

  • Kinkiking is a new independent and cosmopolitan brand of t-shirts and accessories that serves us to show our graphic vision of different situations, characters and curiosities that surround us on our everyday life. Of course, we do all that with a lot of sense of humor.

    On our online store you will find all kinds of designs, concepts and crazy stuff that we manufacture in the KinkiFactory headquarters, which are in Vic, a small city close to Barcelona. Thanks to this project all the stuff we proudly create will see the light and not fall into oblivion until the end of the world.

    Kinkiking also serves us as an artistic way to express ourselves, as a creative machinery to renew the design scene and as a place to expose an alternative side of our designs.

Who's behind Kinkiking?

  • At the moment Kinkiking has 4 professional in the communication business:

These are the 4 kinkikings:

  • TONI
    Illustrator, graphic designer and a professional pain in the ass.

    He rather had his car burned to hell than somebody touched his comic collection. After working as an illustrator and graphic novels creator for many magazines and publications, Toni decided to join Kinkiking tired of all those who could not understand his sense of humor. As he states, “now, nobody will tell me that my stories make no sense”. He can use a brush number 2 like a pair of nunchakus and he lives locked in his studio to work (that’s what he says) and only gets out to go run up some mountains and go down again.

    Graphic designer, graffiti artist and urban re-decorator.

    When he was a child, his mother could not share his passion to paint all the walls at home, but changed her mind when she saw Bazak painting the walls of the most important cities like Berlin, New York and Tokyo. He has a passion for everything related to “B series”, he is a member of the Narcograffix collective and a designer of Kinkiking t-shirts. Besides working as a creative guy, he is also DJ in a hip-hop band. He looks like the good guy, but do not drop any water on him past midnight.

    Fashion photographer and the guy that should star in the Mememto movie remake if they ever make one.

    Due to his weird addiction to movies he suffers from a strange illness that makes him get tattoos of the most popular movie dialogues and sentences on his body. He thinks pictures are movie “stills” and dedicates his life to fashion, portraits and special events photography. He works for different advertising agencies all around Europe and is also a contributor for the popular iSTOCKPHOTO website. We sincerely can’t believe him when he says he doesn’t like to shoot beautiful models with Kinkiking t-shirts.

    Telecommunications expert and technological futurologist.

    Jordi is the smart guy who didn’t get nothing but an A in all the exams at high school. He can read zeros and ones so easily that is scary. He can play the guitar like an angel and can develop web applications that, in his own words, are the way to enhance communication between companies and people because those apps grant access to all kinds of information in their relations and daily duties.


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